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Website Creation

We can create amazing site for your business with modern design, optimized for mobile devices and easy for use control panel. We will use one of the best platforms – WordPress, thus your site will be easy for managing and with many features.


We will respect all your requirements and will try to implement maximum accurate your ideas. In this way, we will create your site exactly how you imagine it.

WordPress site support

For each WordPress site the right maintenance is extremely important, if it has not been done correctly, your site will be unprotected against vulnerabilities and bugs

Also, we can save you time as we upload and edit information and products on your site


Plugins update


Theme update


WordPress version update


Add or edit content


Add or edit products in online store


Consultation and advice


SEO optimization is extremely important for your website!

The best way to achieve free hits on your website is to be higher ranked in Google, but this is not easy because there are thousands of sites that want to achieve the same goal.

To be able to grow your site in Google’s ranking, it should cover some requirements, such as:


  • the site to run quickly
  • Images must be optimized
  • and many others


Also, the right keywords should be chosen and your site should be registered in several portals.

We will do everything possible to rank your site higher in Google.

Online advertising

It doesn’t matter how well your site has been optimized, if you do not use internet advertising.


These days the market is more competitive than ever, you have to use paid ADS to make it easier for your clients to find you. Paid ADS are one of the most effective and cheapest ways to reach your customers.


In each business, one of the most important things is advertising, these days the most effective and cheapest are internet ads.


We will assist you in creating successful ads on Google and Facebook and also save you a lot of money from wrong targeted advertising.